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Outsourcing Java Mobile Applications


World is shrinking and simultaneously technology is expanding. The latest to hit the technology bandwagon is java in mobile application. This technology is not new to the world but still many are unaware of it. Development of Java mobile applications requires expert programming personnel with sound understanding of the technology and usages. This is the reason why people and companies round the world prefer to go for outsourcing java work to other companies.

Softage is one of the leading information technology companies in Russia which has outshined its competitors in a very short span of time. Few years back no one ever thought that they will be using the phone with java compatibility but now it’s a reality. Java applications for latest cell phones and also the smart phones are riding high these days.

Now everyone round the globe want to use java compatible mobile phones as it adds enhanced functionality to the devices. But not everyone has the capability to exploit this technology as it involves a lot of research and sheer knowledge. That’s why people instead of trying themselves simply go for outsourcing java mobile application work to a professional. Using java application is a set of various stout integrated tools which are used for creating applications that minimize the development effort. Till now Nokia has successfully used this technology and the results have been awesome.

That’s why Softage provides complete java work and for that it has a range of tools that are specially designed for Java developers that make it effortless to competently create high-quality Java applications. This is the reason why, whenever anyone plans to go for outsourcing java, Softage is the first name that strikes the mind. There are various tools used in java applications and they are as follows:

Eclipse IDE
Series 40 Platform 2.0 SDKs.
S60 Platform SDKs for Symbian OS, for Java.
S60 Platform SDKs for Symbian OS, for Java.
Series 80 Platform SDKs for Symbian OS, for Java

Moreover, it supports various key benefits such as:

It supports industry leading Eclipse IDE
It helps in development of MIDP and Personal Profile (PP) applications
Moreover there is an additional MIDP development tools
Last but not the least is the comprehensive support for PC-based testing of connected applications.

Thus, you can easily say that it is wise to go for outsourcing java instead of burning your own fingers. Softage’s expertise in java technology can provide complex and advanced solution your enterprise. Therefore what you are waiting for if you are looking for a company where you can go for outsourcing java then Softage is the best choice. For more information on outsourcing java, outsourcing java mobile application, java outsourcing, custom java programming and outsourcing software development please visit