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What are Embedded System Software


If you are new to the world of IT then you must be wondering what is embedded system software. It sounds too complex however it is very easy to understand. Defining in simple words, embedded system software is a special-purpose system in which the computer is absolutely summarized by the device it controls. Dissimilar to personal computer, embedded system software generally executes one or a few pre-defined tasks, usually with very specific requirements.

Realizing its popularity embedded system software is normally mass-produced as it reduces the cost. Being dedicated to perform precise tasks embedded system software is being sold like hot cakes in the market. Alike embedded system software, there are few embedded devices such as hand-held computers or PDAs mainly due to the nature of their hardware design. Also they are more expandable in software terms and due to the expansion of devices the line of definition is continuing to get blur.

Furthermore, embedded system software can also be found in various portable devices such as MP3 players, large stationary installations like traffic lights or factory controllers. Delving into embedded system software’s history we come to know that it was in 1960 when computers got the ability to analyze, process data, and make decisions at very high speeds. However there were few disadvantages such as high cost, program intricacy, and diffidence of personnel to learn.

But soon they were replaced with the new concept of electronic devices known as programmable controllers. Later these programmable controllers became the part of embedded system software. Embedded system software is specially designed to do several particular tasks instead being a part of a general-purpose computer used for multiple tasks.

It has been seen that embedded system software has a real-time performance restraint such as safety and usability that should be overcome. Also it has been seen that few may possess low or no performance requirements which simply allows the system hardware to cut down the cost. There was a massive development in embedded system software in 1978 when National Engineering Manufacturers Association raised the standard of embedded system software by including, numerical controller’s single board computers, and sequential controllers in order to perform even-based instructions.

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