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Outsource - Embedded Mobile Solutions Programming


Technology is riding high these days and this is evidential from the increase in embedded mobile solutions programming service provider. Seeing by today’s trend you will come to know that this new-age technology is going places but very few people know this technology and its technicalities. It is wise to outsource embedded mobile solutions programming to a more professional company in case of lack of appropriate expertise and experience.

Russia is one of the fastest developing names in software outsourcing considering its talented knowledge base and technological advancement. Softage: IT service providing company based in Russia provides complete embedded mobile solutions programming services. Softage hosts some of the highly skilled professionals who are masters in their respective field. Embedded mobile solutions programming is one of the strongest expertise area of Softage. This is the reason why majority countries and people go for outsourcing embedded mobile solutions programming to Softage.

Embedded mobile solutions programming is basically development of advanced mobile applications. These advanced mobile applications are generally developed for custom handheld software programming for various devices such as pocket PC, PDA programming, cell phones, consumer electronics programming, industrial automation systems programming, geophysical and drill control on-ground equipment programming, real-time systems, embedded firmware programming, microcontrollers, PLC controllers programming and system level programming. All these devices require embedded mobile solutions programming.

Embedded mobile solutions programming is mainly done in various programming languages such as J2me, C/C++, x86 assembler, ADSP assembler, SQL and Appropriate languages for specific devices. All these programming languages are well handled by Softage and that’s why in short span of time they have pioneered in the field of embedded mobile solutions programming.

Embedded mobile solutions programming is basically done for various hardware equipments such as AC, DC programmable power supplies, Opto22 modules, ADAM, ICP DAS, video grabbers, motion devices, photo lines and matrixes, HASP keys, various PC/104, MicroPC modules and a number of specific controllers. And the hardware platforms are Intel x86, Cx88, 8051, SUN SPARC, ADSP 21xx, Motorola 68k, ARM, MIPS, SH3, and SH4.

Embedded mobile solutions programming is a technical job and it requires a technical expert to fulfill it and this is when Softage shows you the way. If you are looking for a company providing embedded mobile solutions programming then Softage should be your destination. Thus, for more information on Embedded mobile solutions programming, mobile programming, PDA programming, wireless programming, WAP and outsource mobile application development please visit